If heating performance was dismal last year, or you’re considering the costs of possible furnace or heat pump replacement parts and labor, you may also be considering a new heating system. It helps to have the latest information when comparing heat pumps and furnaces for home heating, so keep reading.

Workhorse Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the mainstay heating systems for homes in the greater Cincinnati area and for good reason. A correctly-sized furnace meets home heating needs fully and efficiently, and a professionally installed furnace may last 20 years or more. Plus, furnaces use a reliable and practical energy source.

Moreover, new high-efficiency furnaces are safer to operate with sealed combustion and venting, and have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings as high as 98. High fuel efficiency is achieved using quieter and more reliable technologies for multi-stage and modulating combustion and airflow.

Heat Pumps: Multitaskers

Heat pumps use electrically-driven components to move heat energy by manipulating high-efficiency refrigerant through a series of temperature and pressure changes. Like furnaces, heat pumps may deliver multi-speed or variable-speed airflow. Moreover, you don’t need a separate cooling system with a heat pump as you do with a furnace.

Heat pumps may heat water more efficiently than an electric or gas-powered storage water heater by recovering waste heat energy. A desuperheater is the add-on heat exchanger that performs water heating, which, by the way, may also be used to heat water for a pool and hot tub.

Why Not Combine the Two?

Heat pumps and furnaces may be paired to provide the most efficient home heating at any given time based on outside weather conditions. Known as dual-fuel or hybrid systems, the heat pump provides home cooling and dehumidification during the summer season and delivers efficient heating near the freezing point. When the heating demand is too much for the heat pump, the gas furnace engages to meet the home’s heating needs.

Heat pumps and furnaces offer distinct advantages separately and combined. Work closely with your HVAC professional to make the best choice for your greater Cincinnati Ohio home. Please contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information.

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