On Labor Day, keep your AC from overworking

If you forgot to tune-up your air conditioner, call Apollo Home now. It’s not too late! Your air conditioner has “labored” all summer for you. Take a moment and schedule a tune-up to keep it going the distance. Having friends and family over for the Labor Day weekend? Call now for the best appointment availability.

Regular Air Conditioner Tune-Ups are Smart

Adulting can be hard or simply dull. An air conditioner tune-up is an easy win. When you schedule regular air conditioner service, you extend the lifespan of your unit and reduce your energy bills. Additionally, you lessen the chance of a breakdown or repair.

When your technician from Apollo Home visits your home, he or she will perform a thorough inspection. The technician will:

  • Test electric terminals. Apply a non-conductive coating as needed. Clean and tighten connections.
  • Verify the thermostat accuracy. Air conditioner overuse or short-cycling often relates to a faulty thermostat reading.
  • Capture evacuated refrigerant. It’s illegal to release it into the atmosphere.
  • Confirm the electric control sequence. The cooling system and heating systems should not operate at the same time.
  • Determine airflow through the evaporator coil measures appropriately.
  • Lubricate motors.
  • Check belts for wear and tightness.
  • Confirm the refrigerant amount is correct.
  • Verify there are no refrigerant leaks.

Cons of Air Conditioner Service

There are none!

In addition to peak efficiency and lower energy bills, air conditioner preventative maintenance gives you peace of mind. Know someone who has a lot of responsibilities? Gifting a tune-up or membership in the Apollo Care Plan shows that you care about their comfort, safety, and time.

Many customers have shared their happiness with their membership. It may be a non-traditional gift, but purchasing a plan for a loved one alleviates worries over air conditioner reliability. Reducing the risk of repairs and breakdowns also protects a household budget. Newlyweds, young adults starting out, and elder relatives appreciate financial stability. Finally, regular maintenance also preserves many manufacturer warranties.

Enjoy Priority Benefits as a Member of the Apollo Care Plan

Extend the life of your air conditioner with a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. It preserves your air conditioner and other HVAC components with two tune-ups per year. The Plan also reduces quality time lost to inconvenient repairs.

Additional benefits include priority scheduling, a VIP phone number, and annual plumbing and electrical evaluations.

Open your calendar and contact the Cincinnati home services leader – Apollo Home. We’re eager to share our air conditioner expertise. We’ve learned a lot in our more than 100 years and will gladly use it to help you.

Our friendly HVAC pros are licensed, insured, and background-checked for your peace of mind. They receive ongoing certified training to repair or service any brand of air conditioning system. They are pleased to answer questions about our services and how best to care for your air conditioner.

It’s better to have a cookout than to cook from a broken air conditioner. Before you hit the grocery store for brats and buns, call Apollo Home for an air conditioning tune-up. Your Labor Day weekend guests will thank you when they need to take a break from the heat!

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