If you’ve never had duct cleaning performed in your home, you may be questioning the value of the service.

Homeowners choose to have their ducts cleaned for a variety of reasons. Some believe that as dust gathers around the home, so it goes for the ducts. Learn the value of duct cleaning and why it might be time for you to make the call.

What is duct cleaning?

When a duct cleaner arrives at your home to perform this task, the technician will employ the use of a high-powered vacuum with different attachments designed to reach deep into the ducts. The attachments dislodge dirt and other debris, and the vacuum sucks the buildup out and then contains it so that it isn’t released into the home.

The technician should also perform a comprehensive cleaning of related components like the registers and grilles, heat exchanger and coils, condensate drain, the motor and air handler. If these components are rife with buildup, it will likely blow into the ductwork and recontaminate it.

When is this cleaning necessary?

There are many instances that can call for duct cleaning. The EPA outlines three scenarios: when mold is present in the ductwork; when there’s evidence of vermin; and when large amounts of dust are released from supply registers. Homeowners also opt for duct cleaning when:

  • They first move into an older home
  • After construction projects
  • Periodically to ensure that the ducts are clean

How often should you have cleaning performed?

Most experts recommend cleanings every three to five years, or as necessary.

Who should you call?

Only hire a reputable professional who is a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) member. The technician should follow industry standards for cleaning ducts and employ safe techniques when mold cleanup is required.

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