Condensing boilers have been on the market for about two decades. During this time, they’ve proven to be reliable and energy efficient, providing significantly lower fuel costs than other types of boilers. Contrary to popular belief, a these boilers aren’t overly complicated, and many of the problems that gave this system a bad reputation have been resolved. Nowadays there are many advantages to gain:

Advantages of Condensing Boilers

  • Reduced carbon footprint – they are more environmentally friendly than other boilers because they emit lower levels of carbon dioxide. Experts estimate that a condensing boiler will emit 1.7 tons less carbon dioxide than non-condensing boilers which makes them the only option for anyone looking to keep their home green.
  • Energy efficiency – On average, a condensing boiler can reduce home energy bills by 15 to 30 percent.
  • Fuel bills – they burn less fuel than a non-condensing boiler to extract the same level of energy. Although a new condensing boiler can be expensive, with their lower level of energy consumption, they’re likely to make a return on investment within 15 years.
  • Modern design – Due to the extra-large heat exchanger or double heat exchanger, condensing boilers don’t waste much heat. It’s not uncommon for heat and gases to escape through the flue on non-condensing boilers. However, a condensing boiler will trap this heat and utilize it.
  • Size – they don’t have to be large to be functional. In fact, there are many compact options on the market. While older boilers often had to be large and bulky, many condensing boilers can fit snugly in a kitchen cupboard and virtually go unnoticed.

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