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As the cost of energy rises, we are now more determined than ever to find ways to save you money on your energy bills. That’s why when it comes to cooling AND heating your home, we can’t say enough good things about a heat pump. But when something goes wrong with your system, you can be suddenly bereft of the comfort you’ve come to depend on. When this happens, you’ll need heat pump repair service that is reliable, effective, and from and expertly-skilled technician.

At Apollo Home, we have the proper tools, in addition to the heating and cooling expertise to diagnose and properly repair heat pumps in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our HVAC technicians are factory trained and nationally certified, so you can trust we’ll return your home or business back to its maximum comfort level as quickly as possible.

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Emergency Heat Pump Repair 24/7

If your heat pump croaks on the hottest day of the year, our emergency services team will always be there for you when you call. We provide prompt, professional customer service on  repairs and deliver 24/7 repair service and support you can rely on — in any weather!

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps typically have a lifespan of around 15 years. Although you can usually rely on a heat pump to heat and cool your home effectively, these systems can occasionally break down, leaving you in need of a professional repair. Most of the time when there’s a problem, you’ll know it. It’s all about learning how to interpret the signs:

  • Energy Bill Increases. You chose your Cincinnati heat pump for its supreme efficiency. So when your bill begins to inexplicably rise by ten, twenty, or even fifty percent, you know something has gone amiss.
  • Inconsistent Temperatures. If you notice inconsistent temperatures between rooms or areas within a building your heat pump may be malfunctioning. Our technicians will diagnose and repair your heat pump to restore maximum comfort levels.
  • Odd Sounds. Heat pumps are generally pretty quiet. Notice a clank, bang, or wheeze that isn’t normally there? Call in for repair! Strange noises are often loose or damaged components, and these can do serious harm to your system if not handled immediately.
  • Strange Smells. If you’re experiencing moldy, musty smells from your heat pump, there’s likely an issue with the condensate drain, or a heavy accumulation of dust and debris. Both of these issues result in a drastic drop in capacity and efficiency; get them fixed quick!
  • Short Cycling. A unit kicking on and off before adequate temperatures have been reached is one that needs heat pump repair right away. This issue directly prevents you from receiving the comfort you need, and our experts can get short cycling handled in short order!
  • Ice Forming on Unit. This can be caused by weak air flow, or a refrigerant leak; either way, you need professional repair. Ice is not a normal occurrence for a heat pump, and it may cause damage if left alone.

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Why Trust Apollo Home to Repair Your Heat Pump

Flexible Financing – If you’re looking to repair a heat pump but don’t have the money for those services up front, don’t worry. Apollo Home offers you a range of financing options for our services.

Courteous, Trained Specialists – Not only do we make sure every member of the Apollo team has the qualifications to serve you effectively, but we only hire the most respectable, responsible applicants. You can trust our team will treat your home or building like their own and clean up after any service.

Comprehensive Service – The Apollo team doesn’t limit itself to quick fixes but strives to understand the deeper cause of any problems. By addressing these core issues, we keep the risk of future cooling problems to a minimum.

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