Question received from an Apollo Home customer: “How can I set the thermostat in cold winter months to reduce my energy bills?”

The most economical operation of your system comes from setting the thermostat at the lowest winter setting at which you are comfortable. The typical setting is 68 degrees for winter heating. When heating, your operating costs increase 3% to 8% for each degree your thermostat is raised above 68 degrees.

If you haven’t already, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat that allows you to set temperatures for your home at different time of the day… lower settings for daytime work hours and night time sleeping hours and higher settings for evenings and weekends. (Check out the EnergyStar video on how to Set and Save: Using your Programmable Thermostat.)

If you need assistance choosing the right thermostat for your home, contact us today and within a few minutes, we can assess your needs.