As artificial intelligence finds its way into more of our lives, we enjoy “smart” products like the Nest thermostat. A division of Google, Nest products are responsive and Wi-Fi-enabled. Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President of Hardware, said earlier this year, “All of Google’s investments in machine learning and AI, they can very clearly benefit Nest products. It just makes sense to be developing them together.”

Let’s review how this thermostat technology benefits you as a homeowner in the Greater Cincinnati region…

Why is the Nest Thermostat So Popular?

Nest technology is a prominent face of user-friendly home automation and energy efficiency. Considered a “smart” thermostat, it “learns” your household occupancy and rhythms adapts. It’s not as Orwellian as it sounds.

The products require you to program them manually and make adjustments for about a week. After this “learning” period, the Nest thermostat responds to readings and adjusts your heating and air conditioning equipment appropriately.

Because it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, communication with your Nest thermostat is simple via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Modify settings remotely from the airport or cozy in bed.

The technology also takes more accurate readings, and it communicates seamlessly with your HVAC equipment. This is part of its reputation for AI and better energy efficiency. Because it is more responsive and adaptable, it uses less energy. Additionally, in 2017, the Nest thermostat gained ENERGY STAR certification from the EPA.

For your convenience, the Nest thermostat provides reports on daily energy use and a monthly view. This allows you to spot patterns and identify opportunities for improvement.

It also notifies you if an air filter is ready to be changed, or if there is a spike in energy use. These anomalies can alert you to a malfunction before your HVAC equipment suffers permanent damage.  

Team the Nest Thermostat with the Apollo Care Plan

Extend the life of your heating and air mechanicals with a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. The Plan saves you time, money, and worry. Designed to preserve your home mechanical systems, it comes with many benefits, including a VIP priority service phone number. Regular service also protects most manufacturer warranties.  

Interested in learning more about the Nest technology, and how it can make your life easier? Contact Apollo Home. Over the last 100 years, we’ve learned a lot and can use it to help you. We’re eager to share our thermostat expertise, for your family’s safety and comfort.

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This helps our team stay current with all brands and emerging technology, like the suite of products from Nest. They are glad to answer questions about services and how to care for your equipment. Need a plumber or an electrician in greater Cincinnati? We can help there, too!

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