Whether it’s heating or cooling season, it’s important to be able to regulate the temperature in your Cincinnati home and keep it comfortable. Programmable thermostats can help with this, allowing you to set separate temperatures for when you’re at home and away to save energy. But the most effective way to control the temperature in your Cincy home, no matter where you are, is with a WiFi thermostat.

WiFi thermostats provide much more than just basic temperature regulation. They connect to the Internet so you can monitor and adjust your home temperature from any Internet-ready device. Some models will even send email alerts if the temperature gets too high or too low so you can address the situation immediately rather than waiting until you get home and wasting energy in the meantime.

But WiFi thermostats can do much more than that. The Internet connection also allows them to receive the latest weather information for your area to facilitate temperature adjustment. You can even supplement the thermostat with additional sensors, both around the house and outside, to monitor and adjust the temperature in individual rooms, all from a single device.

There are also portable controls available that can be taken from room to room and are used to make each room as comfortable as possible while it’s in use. A variety of factors can lead to disparate temperatures between different rooms of the house, but a thermostat only heats or cools based on the reading of the room it’s in. With a WiFi thermostat, additional sensors and a portable controller, you can adjust the temperature of the room you’re in to make it perfectly comfortable without wasting energy on the parts of the house no one’s using.

There are a variety of great features available for WiFi thermostats for a variety of different needs. But no matter what kind you get, it’s a great way of keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient, wherever you are.

For help choosing and installing WiFi thermostats, contact the home comfort experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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