Cincinnati electric vehicle (EV) drivers sometimes need a charge on the go. EV charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations, which makes them more difficult to find. When you need a charge while away from home, use our list of Cincinnati free EV charging stations to easily find a place to plug in!

ChargePoint Charging Stations

Tesla Charging Stations

Bonus! Free Parking in Cincinnati for Electric Cars

Cincinnati’s All-Electric Vehicle Incentive Program allows for all-electric vehicles to park free at any city parking meter, street parking kiosk, as well as the Garfield Garage at 13 W. 9th Street. To participate in this program, drivers must submit an application by email or in person.

Parking restrictions do apply to EVs that use the program. Free parking is only provided for the designated time permitted by the corresponding meter or kiosk. Only owners of all-electric vehicles may apply – hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles with optional gasoline utilization are not permitted.

Need a More Powerful EV Home Charging Station? Call Apollo Home!

Make sure you always have Cincinnati free EV charging when schedule a home EV charging station installation through Apollo Home! The installation of a 240-volt outlet in your home allows for Level 2 charging at your convenience. 

Home charging stations vary in output depending on the model you select. On the low end, a 3.3 kW output provides about 40 miles of range with around three hours of charge time. On the high end, a 16.8 kW output proves 40 miles of range in about 40 minutes!

Plug in for a fast and full charge right in your driveway. Apollo Home performs the necessary upgrades your home needs to deliver Level 2 charging power, along with a dedicated charging station for use. 

Our Cincinnati free EV charging experts help you evaluate your charging needs and select the right charging station to provide the power your EV requires each day. Schedule installation today – call Apollo Home!