If you’re among the many who’d like to lower home energy costs, consider zoning system benefits. A zoning system divides your home into areas that have similar cooling and heating needs. Most homes have one thermostat placed in a central location. It controls the HVAC system for that particular space and doesn’t account for different thermal conditions throughout the rest of your home.

Since conditioning your home accounts for approximately half of your monthly energy usage, dividing it into separate areas makes sense. A zoning system uses dampers in the ductwork that open and close based on the conditioning needs of each particular zone. Each zone has its own thermostat that triggers the motorized dampers to open and close when needed.

Homes that are likely candidates for zoning include those that have:

  • Multi-levels, like basements and upper levels of homes which have different conditioning needs throughout the year.
  • Rambling homes
  • Those with much more solar exposure in one area than the rest or high ceilings in just a few rooms
  • Areas of the home that have higher and lower usage throughout a 24-hour period
  • Rooms that are seldom used
  • Family members with different temperature needs or preferences

Besides the energy savings achieved by lower energy costs, zoning system benefits also include:

  • Less wear on the HVAC system – The system won’t work as hard when it doesn’t need to keep the entire home cooled to the same temperature as the spaces you’re routinely occupying. Some people close off rooms they’re not occupying and shut the registers, but this can actually harm the HVAC system, including the ductwork. Zoning solves the problems created by closing off rooms.
  • Convenience – When you combine a zoning system with programmable thermostats, you can set each zone, conditioning it only when you typically occupy the space. These types also offer options for thermal control when you need to use the space unexpectedly.

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