Cincinnati drivers have caught on to the electric vehicle (EV) movement, thanks to the great benefits they provide and if you’re considering it, you may wonder, can you plug an electric car into a regular outlet?

Electric vehicles drastically reduce or even eliminate gasoline dependence and expenses, which helps the country depend less on oil. EVs are more environmentally friendly as they reduce emissions that harm our environment.

Because public charging stations aren’t yet as common as gas stations, many EV owners need to know, “can you plug an electric car into a regular outlet?”

For EV owners who want to charge at home, learn how to use home outlets for everyday charging.

Why is Charging an EV at Home Important?

The 110-volt and 240-volt outlets found in homes across the Cincinnati area make EV charging extremely convenient. While our city is taking small steps to offer more EV charging stations to drivers, they are still difficult to come by and often not on your direct route.

While you wait for local politicians to make EV charging stations available across the area, can you plug an electric car into a regular outlet at home?

The answer is yes! Your home, a friend’s home, any home! But, if you bring an extension cord along to plug in your EV when you visit your mom or hang out at a friend’s, they are the ones paying for your charge – not very friendly.

Charge your EV overnight while you sleep for a full charge and your vehicle is ready for the following day.

Using a 110-Volt Outlet Takes Longer

All mass-produced electric vehicles today include a charging unit which you are able to plug into any standard 110v outlet. This unit makes it possible to charge your EV from regular household outlets.

The downside of EV charging with a 110v outlet is that it takes a while. This is known as a Level 1 charger, which provides approximately four to five hours of range per hour charged. For an eight-hour overnight charge, you get around 36 to 40 miles.

For drivers who do not travel very far in a day, the charge provided by a household 110v outlet is sufficient. Others with long commutes or who drive for work need more. Home charging with a higher-voltage outlet greatly reduces charging time and adds more miles of range to your EV in the same period.

Using a 240-Volt Outlet Charges Electric Cars Faster

Can you plug an electric car into a regular outlet that is 240 volts? Yes! This is known as Level 2 charging. 240v outlets are the type you typically see for electric clothes dryers at home and are the type most commonly installed for public charging stations.

Compared with Level 1 charging, a Level 2 charge takes about half the time. You gain about 180 miles of range over the eight-hour overnight charging period when you plug your EV into a 240v outlet. Level 2 charging is the best option for drivers in a hurry as well as those who drive more miles in a day.

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