If you’re dreaming of a home renovation this spring, include Apollo Home electrical services in your plans. Many home improvement projects include electrical work and we urge you to engage a licensed electrician from Apollo Home.

When it comes to electrical services, safety is the name of the game, especially if permits are required. Plus, if you sell your home in the future, it’s best to have proof a licensed electrician performed the job no matter how big or how small.

Examples of Electrical Services Projects by Apollo Home

Video Doorbells

One of the newest and most popular requests for electrical services is video doorbells. We represent the Nest suite of products which includes the Nest Hello. These, along with Nest security cameras if desired, bring a wealth of peace of mind.

Light Fixtures

There’s so much light fixtures can add and in some cases, take away from your home. The licensed electricians at Apollo Home update dated light fixtures or install lighting and bring more appropriate degrees of light to your space.

For example, task lighting over a kitchen island or desk area improves your comfort and productivity. Dimmer switches allow you to bring the right amount of light to your activity or for your comfort level.

Motion lighting is a great application for more than outdoor safety. Motion lighting works well in rooms where lights are often left on accidentally, such as kitchen pantries, laundry rooms or walk-in closets.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a big help in your home. In addition to the style, or opportunity for additional lighting, ceiling fans can be part of your heating and cooling system. While they don’t change the temperature of the air, they can help you feel cooler in the summertime.

While cooling, ceiling fans produce a wind chill effect which helps perspiration evaporate more quickly. This helps you feel cooler. In the winter, a ceiling fan helps circulate the heated air and as it rises, “push” it down along the walls, to the lower levels of the room. This helps you enjoy the warmth your furnace or heat pump produces.

Whole-Home Rewire

If you have an older or historic home, you should consider a whole-home rewire. If the house is 40 years old or older, it may not be up to current safety standards.

Unfortunately, old or faulty wiring is the top cause of house fires and the lack of proper wiring and outlets may cause problems when you try to sell your house someday. If you experience dimming or flickering lights, constantly tripped breakers or warm outlets or light switches, call us right away.

As part of the Apollo Home Care Plan, an annual evaluation of your electrical services system is included with other valuable services. An inspection from an Apollo Home licensed electrician can bring you peace of mind, regardless.

GFCI Outlets / Switches

GFI is an acronym for Ground Fault Interrupter, a type of safety outlet designed to disrupt a household current in the event of water. You also see it described as a GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

These safety devices can cut the current in as little as 1/40th of a second. When it monitors the flow of current and it detects a ground fault, it cuts the power to protect the user from electrical shock and fire hazards.

These should be installed anywhere in your home subject to moisture. You’ll find them in outdoor areas, around a swimming pool, in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

If you plan to finish a space, such as a roughed in bathroom in a basement, you may need additional GFIs. Or, if you have one which frequently trips or refuses to reset, schedule a visit with an Apollo Home electrician.

Conclusion: Apollo Home is Your Source for Cincinnati Electrical Services

If you’re curious about electrical services, we are here to help! Apollo Home’s team performs electrical panel upgrades, recessed lighting, whole-home surge protection, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, outdoor lighting or weatherproof outlets.

Apollo Home’s expert electricians know how to perform inspections, repairs and installations to preserve your safety as well as improve your Greater Cincinnati home. Are you ready to call us to schedule electrical services?