Many Cincinnati residents like to decorate the exterior of their homes, during the fall and winter holiday season. At Apollo Home, we love the festivities and want you to be safe, whether your needs call for weatherproof outlets or an electrical panel upgrade. Call our team to schedule a visit with a professional electrician.

He or she can perform an electrical evaluation. Afterward, he or she will provide you with any recommendations to improve safety, security, or visibility.

An Electrician Can Install Weatherproof Outlets

Whether you aspire to lead the neighborhood in a light display contest or to keep it simple, it’s important to have functional weatherproof outlets. Depending on your needs, you may elect to install a few more than the exterior outlets currently available.

A basic home plan provides the number of outlets required by the building code. If you plan to run several strings of lights, however, it is best to have more outlets. Extension cords strung across the yard or sidewalks become a hazard to you and visitors.

If you like to entertain outdoors or would like to create more outdoor living spaces, weatherproof outlets are a must. Call Apollo Home for a recommendation from a professional electrician.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Whether you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen, television, or additional outlets impervious to precipitation, we can handle it!

Whole-Home Surge Protection from a Pro Electrician

More and more Cincinnati homeowners call us with questions about whole-home surge protection. As we incorporate more electronics and appliances into our homes, the need grows.

Think for a moment about the circuit boards in your washer, dryer, microwave, and other appliances. Consider the computers, televisions, and gaming systems. Power surges are not limited to thunderstorm activity. They can happen at any time.

Protect your HVAC equipment, too! Whole-home surge protection installed by an Apollo Home electrician insulates expensive appliances and electronics from sudden damages.

Use a Licensed Electrician to Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

If your idea of seasonal decor is simply a wreath or a pumpkin on the porch, this is also fine! We suggest, however, you should consider the simple sophistication of outdoor lighting.

Our team, including a licensed electrician, can design a plan to highlight the architectural and landscape features of your home. It will give your home a luxurious look, and provide additional security and curb appeal.

Enjoy an Annual Electrical Evaluation with an Apollo Home Electrician

Extend the life of your electrical systems with a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. In addition to home mechanical tune-ups, the Plan includes an annual evaluation of your electrical and plumbing systems. This gives you an annual picture of the health of critical home systems.

The Plan saves you time, money, and worry. It is designed to preserve your home systems and comes with many benefits, including a VIP priority service phone number.

Contact the Cincinnati home services leader – Apollo Home. Over the last 100 years, we’ve learned a lot and can use it to help you. We’re eager to share our expertise about heating and cooling service to make you and your family safe and more comfortable.

Each Apollo Home electrician is licensed, industry-certified, and insured. He or she also pass rigorous background checks for your peace of mind. Also, as part of our commitment to training, each electrician participates in paid continuing education.

This helps our team to stay current with all brands and emerging technology. They are happy to answer questions about electrical services and how to care for your equipment. Finally, need a plumber or an HVAC technician? We can help there, too!

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