Cold outside temperatures are uncomfortable, but warm, dry indoor air can make life inside the home uncomfortable, too. If you don’t want to experience another winter with the discomforts and side effects of dry indoor air, read on to learn the benefits of a humidifier for the whole home.

Whole-House Humidification

Every winter, it’s the same thing. It’s cold and wet outside, and dry inside the home. Dry indoor air can make it difficult to be comfortable. Chapped skin, itchy eyes, dry nose and sore throat are common side effects of wintertime dry air.

The problem is that wintertime air that’s low in humidity loses even more moisture when heated by the furnace. Moreover, as indoor air is heated and expands, the relative humidity drops, exacerbating dry air issues.

An effective solution to the dry air problem is whole-house humidification. A whole-house humidifier replenishes the home with water vapor by using the ductwork and blower for distribution. This alleviates dry air discomforts through the entire home.

Health Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

Dry indoor air can cause fatigue and dehydration. Many viruses, such as the flu, actually thrive in dry air conditions. When you combine the side effects of dry nose and sinuses, sore throat and airborne viruses, you’ve got a perfect breeding ground for infection. Replenishing the home with moisture makes it more difficult for the flu virus or other viruses to infect hosts.

Benefits for the Home

Whole-house humidifiers are directly connected to the home’s plumbing system and operate automatically. All you do is set the humidistat to the desired humidity level, such as 30 and 50 percent, and you’ll enjoy optimal comfort. Your home structure and possessions benefit, too.

Porous materials, such as wooden furniture, photographs and musical instruments, release and absorb moisture from indoor water vapor. In dry wintertime air, the loss of moisture can cause wallpaper to peel and wood furnishings to crack. A humidifier prevents this from happening.

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