Clogged drains are a bummer! Prevention is the key to keep yours running clear. Hair, grease, toilet paper- there are plenty of things that can gum up your drains and ruin your day. Here are our five ways to make sure your home and drains remain clog free.

  1. Soap it down!

Take a bottle of dish soap and pour three to four teaspoons down the drain. After a few moments, put the sink drain stopper in place and fill the sink basin with hot water. Swiftly remove the drain stopper and let the rush of water go down the drain grabbing the soap and loosened grease and gunk in the drain with it. You can also perform this flush to your bathroom drains too.

  1. Install a screen.

A drain grate or screen prevents soap scum and food from dropping into the drain literally filtering out a clog before it happens.

  1. Can grease.

Cooking grease turns to a solid quickly in your drain. Pour used cooking grease into a can or disposable container and toss it in the trash.

  1. Don’t flush that!

Even non toilet paper products touting they are flushable are not flushable! The only thing you should flush is toilet paper. Not paper towels, not wet wipes, or flushable wipes! They do not breakdown and dissolve in your pipes. They will build up and you will have to call a plumber for a main drain clean.

  1. Fight clogs with natural solutions.

While chemical-based cleaners can damage metal pipes, a natural cleaner like vinegar and baking soda can help do the trick too. In your kitchen sink or bathroom sink, run hot to boiling water down the drain. Add 1/4 cup baking soda, and leave it alone for about 20 minutes. Then pour about a cup of vinegar over, with one cup of hot water. Wait about 20 minutes and pour more hot water into the drain. This can help dissolve what is clogging your drain, if a minor clog. One that has been there for a while might require a plunger, or a plumber!

If you find yourself with a slow clog or backed up drain, call the experts at Apollo Home. We are the drain and sewer experts, and can get your pipes and home running quickly.