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Are the Batteries Low on Your Home’s Thermostat? Simple Steps for Replacement

thermostat batteriesIt may seem hard to believe that the smallest, most inexpensive component of the HVAC system yields the most power, but it’s true. Without the thermostat, you have no control over the central heating or cooling equipment, which, in the middle of a Cincinnati heat wave or cold snap, can be devastating. Knowing how to replace batteries in a thermostat can save you time, discomfort and the expense of an unnecessary visit by your HVAC contractor. (more…)

How Your Programmable Thermostat Can Help You Keep Warm

programmable thermostatsKeeping your Cincinnati house warm during the fall and winter can be quite expensive, especially as energy prices continue to rise. By installing a programmable thermostat, however, you can keep your home comfortable throughout the heating season while reducing monthly heating bills. For the greatest amount of savings, use the following tips to choose the most efficient settings for your programmable thermostat. (more…)