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New Advances in Duct Free Split Systems

The duct free split air conditioning or heat pump system is quickly becoming the go-to system for conditioning smaller or challenging spaces. A duct free system has inherent advantages in that it has no air or thermal losses from duct work since it delivers the conditioned air directly from an indoor air handler. The recent advances in these systems, also called mini-splits, make them even more efficient than ever.

Inverter Technology

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Ductless mini split
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The most significant advance in ductless technology lies in the compressor design. The compressor in any kind of air conditioner or heat pump is the work horse of the system and the one that uses the most energy, much of which when it first starts. Duct free systems that use inverter technology keep the compressor running at different speeds based on the amount of conditioned air the room needs. Instead of turning off abruptly, like most compressors do, it continues to run, although at a much lower speed.

Inverter compressors use less electricity, create less noise, and tend to last longer than their single-speed counterparts, since they’re not subject to frequent starts and stops. Another benefit of inverter technology in duct free split systems is better humidity removal in cooling mode. Since it normally runs at a low speed, more air passes over the evaporator coil that contains the chilled refrigerant, allowing more water vapor to condense and drain away.

Scroll Compressors

Ductless heat pumps equipped with scroll compressors provide much more heating capability, even at temperatures below freezing when there’s less heat in the outside air to harvest. Such a compressor can deliver up to 15 degrees F warmer air than a standard piston compressor. You can find scroll compressors in mini-splits that use variable technology that offer even greater energy savings and comfort, especially when it’s installed to optimize its heating potential for our cold winters.

Air Cleaning

Many mini splits use air filters that trap indoor particulates exceptionally well, providing effective air quality management as well as efficient cooling and heating.

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Add Cooling to Your Older Home With the Help of a Duct Free Split

Many older homes hold a certain charm that comes through with unique architecture. However, they can also have outdated HVAC systems, with some even lacking air conditioning entirely. If you want to add cooling to your older home, a duct free split system may be the way to go.


Ductless Mini Split Installation: Not for Amateurs, but You Can Do Some Pre-Installation Work Yourself

ductless mini splitMany homeowners love the idea of saving a buck with do-it-yourself projects. In many cases, the results are just as good as a professional contractor’s work. When it comes to installing a ductless mini split, it’s possible to get the project started on your own, but it’s important to have a trained HVAC technician do the “heavy lifting.”

Ductless mini splits are essentially heat pumps that warm or cool your home by quietly blowing the conditioned or heated air directly into a room. Mini splits are the perfect solution for retrofitting a historic home without the cost and hassle of installing intrusive ductwork. In fact, many new homes are being built with ductless technology, thanks to the energy efficiency, convenience and savings associated with it.

What Does Installing a Ductless Mini Split Entail?

Fully installing a mini split system requires specific tools and knowledge that are nearly impossible for a layperson to acquire. In addition, in most areas, one must be certified to work with the gas, refrigerant and electrical connections needed to complete installation.

It is possible, though, to do some pre-installation work on your own before your trusted contractor finishes the job. Homeowners with some construction experience and basic tools should be able to:

  • Drill the three-inch hole in the wall where the unit will be placed
  • Run the copper tubing and connections outside
  • Hang or install the indoor air handling unit
  • Unpack the compressor from the box
  • Prepare a concrete pad or other flat surface
  • Place the outdoor compressor unit on the flat surface

To ensure proper installation, leave at least the following jobs for a professional contractor:

  • Setting gauges
  • Completing the couplings
  • Vacuuming the lines
  • Testing for leaks in the tubing
  • Releasing the refrigerant

To learn more about ductless mini splits, how they’re installed and how they can fulfill your home comfort needs, please contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Our team of HVAC pros has been serving the greater Cincinnati area for over 100 years.

The Ductless Mini Split Has Made Major Strides Over the Years

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How to Maximize Your Ductless Mini Split for Better Cold Weather Performance

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Don’t Neglect Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

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A Goodman Furnace is Only as Good as the Installer

New furnace installation is a big investment.  As one of the major HVAC manufacturers, Goodman offers a variety of high quality furnaces for the consumer to consider.  But although it is important to choose a high quality system that meets your needs, the choice of equipment is secondary to the company that installs and maintains it.

According to Consumer Reports, the majority of contractors say the main reasons for furnace repairs are improper installation and inadequate maintenance, not defective equipment. In fact, there are not significant differences in the key features of various HVAC systems.  Companies generally get their parts from the same suppliers and use the same technology in their manufacturing process.

Choosing the right company to install your new investment is the most important decision you can make when purchasing a new furnace (see blog entry “8 Considerations When Choosing an HVAC Service Provider”).   A good HVAC company will make sure that your furnace installation goes smoothly and that the new system is installed properly. They can also help you determine which system has the right specifications for your home.

Goodman furnaces are available in a variety of capacity and efficiency levels. They have quality components and are offered with comprehensive warranties – all of which help to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  However, even a high quality Goodman furnace will not perform its best when it is poorly installed and maintained.

Not only will Apollo Home make sure your furnace installation is done right, we will also help you maintain your investment for many years to come. Contact us today or for a no-obligation, instant quote on the costs to replace your furnace, click here. We offer a best price guarantee too – We’re certain we can offer you the best value on replacement home comfort systems that if we can’t meet or beat any legitimate competitor’s price on a comparable system, we’ll give you $100.