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Problem-free ductwork is essential for maintaining a home’s heating and cooling efficiency, as well as ensuring quality indoor air. By getting your ducts into top shape, expert ductwork services in Cincinnati can help you enjoy lower bills and fresher air.


Ductwork with damper actuatorcontrols air flow into an air conditioned space.
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Correcting Common Duct Problems

In the average home, ducts leak around 30 percent of the air they should be delivering to your rooms. This wastes heated and cooled air, and contributes to moisture problems by causing condensation. These leaks occur when the duct joints and connections to air registers and grilles aren’t tightly fit and correctly sealed. By fitting and sealing the joints with either mastic or foil-backed tape, a technician can reduce leakage to 5 percent.

Ducts that pass through unconditioned parts of the house, such as the attic, can suffer from unwanted heat loss or gain if not sufficiently insulated. A technician providing ductwork services in Cincinnati can install insulation on the ducts to improve your duct system’s energy efficiency.

Finally, a technician can inspect for ductwork design problems that impair your system’s efficiency. Some problems, such as twisted or damaged flexduct, are simple enough to correct. It’s possible to correct more complex design issues, such as undersized ducts or too many sharp turns in the duct system, but this requires more involved planning and labor.

Keeping Your Ducts Clean

Ductwork can go many years without ever requiring cleaning, but there are situations in which debris can build up in the ducts. Eventually, debris starts breaking loose and winds up in the air you breathe. Accumulated debris can also enter your system’s components and cause damage.

Check inside your ducts. If you see signs of pest infestation, such as dead insects or rodent droppings, or you find mold patches or moisture, schedule an evaluation to find out if you need duct cleaning. Ducts should also be inspected after any renovation work and once every five years to head off any developing problems.

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