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Our ongoing education program includes comprehensive training, encompassing technical knowledge and personal growth.

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At Apollo Home, we never stop learning

At Apollo Home, we believe in an African proverb suggesting, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

By investing in our employees through Apollo University, we recognize each employee is a whole individual, with unique talents and skills to bring to our company and who has the ability to be a leader in every aspect. 

We encourage, and in technical trade cases – require, ongoing education through training, seminars and reading books about leadership and customer service. Heating and cooling, for example, continues to evolve in its technology and importance to customers. We make efforts to cross-train our employees to expand our business into new areas such as indoor air quality, carbon monoxide testing and home automation so our technicians and installers are in demand year-round. We look for potential in our employees and provide stability for them.

Taking on new responsibilities

Steve Donaldson has grown through Apollo University to become a manager and a trainer for Apollo Home’s Apprenticeship Program…

“What I have learned the most about myself is that I’m capable of doing more than I could have ever thought. I have also learned that it’s really rewarding to see someone start at an entry level and watch them become a better technician as time goes on (trade to craft). I was once in their shoes and I remember what it was like to be the new guy and not knowing what to expect.

Growing into this training role with the apprenticeship program allows me to relate to new employees and make them feel comfortable with our processes and it also helps me lay out what they can expect or what they will be able to do upon graduating the program. Becoming an educator has allowed me to continue helping people, which I really enjoy doing. It’s made me a better person and employee.”

Bright future for heating and air,
plumbing and electrical services

We know this company can continue to expand and be here for another 100 years. To achieve this success, we need people who believe in being the best he or she can be and believe in doing the right thing for the customer. Join the company named a “Top Workplace” five years in a row by the Cincinnati Enquirer!

“We want to bring every employee along in the growth of Apollo Home, because we’ll go farther, together”…Jamie Gerdsen, CEO

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Success Stories

“Unlike a traditional trade school, at ‘Apollo U’ the learning never stops. We do ongoing training on old and the newest technology to date in your field. Not to mention you are “earning to learn” vs. the traditional pay to learn.”

Chad L.

“Since we have started the apprenticeship program I have learned a lot about Apollo and myself. I’ve learned the things that drive the business and that is helpful for me when teaching new employees. I’m able to really go into detail about why things are done certain ways and why it makes sense for the customer, the technician and the business. I’m passionate about what I do and how the program helps new employees. It has honestly been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m excited to see how far we can really go!!!”

Steve D.

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