Your furnace is your main line of defense against the winter cold. When it starts to have problems, your first thought may be about the cost of having a service person come out. Before you get too upset, you need to check out a few things first.

8 Easy Furnace Fixes

Try these easy fixes for your furnace troubles before you call for professional help:

  1. Check the thermostat. Someone might have set the temperature too low. Also, some programmable thermostats run on batteries. If the batteries are dead, replace them.
  2. Check the breakers. An electricity spike can cause breakers to flip off to protect the system. If they are off, switch them back to on.
  3. Change the filters. When air is not flowing properly, some systems will overwork and temporarily shutdown. You should replace air filters once a month.
  4. Make sure the fuel is present and flowing. If the oil, gas or propane is not flowing, then the furnace will not run.
  5. Check that the exhaust flue is clear. The furnace will shut down if the exhaust fumes have no place to go.
  6. Flush the drain lines. Many heat pump systems have drain lines to remove excess water. If the drain lines back up, a special switch will turn the system off.
  7. Check for leaky or blocked air ducts. This goes back to the same airflow issues related to air filters.
  8. Make sure the heat pump and intake/exhaust vents are clear of leaves and debris. A quick sweep or rake may do the trick.

These fixes won’t take much time to try. If these furnace fixes don’t work, the next step is to call in a qualified professional. The professional has the training, equipment and experience to fix the furnace quickly and get your house warm again.

When you need help with furnace problems, or have other issues related to home comfort, contact us here at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We have been serving the Greater Cincinnati area since 1910. Call us as soon as your furnace has a problem you cannot handle.

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