The long, hot Cincinnati summers can take a toll on your cooling system. If you haven’t already scheduled your A/C preventive maintenance, it’s not too late. An annual tune-up will go a long way toward lowering your cooling costs, extending the life of your system and preventing these common A/C problems.

Electric control failure

Over time, wires and terminals may become corroded and electrical connections may loosen. During your maintenance visit, your qualified HVAC technician will check the wiring and tighten connections, as well as test the controls of the system to ensure it cycles properly.

Dust buildup

Dust in your system can cause the premature failure of the fan, motor and condenser. Your technician will remove the dust buildup to ensure your system operates efficiently and extend the life of these essential components. You can help prevent dust from building up inside your system by performing these tasks throughout the summer:

  • Vacuum the area around your indoor unit regularly to remove dust.
  • Hose down your outdoor unit monthly to remove dirt and debris from the fins.
  • Check your air filter each month and replace it when it’s dirty.

Drainage problems

The condensate pan under your evaporator coil catches the condensation that drips from the coil during periods of high humidity. Clogs can cause the pan to overflow, resulting in the shutdown of your system. Preventive maintenance includes flushing the drain to prevent this common problem. If your drain becomes clogged, you can remove the obstruction with a plumber’s snake or a wet/dry vacuum.

Low refrigerant

If your system has ice buildup or it’s not cooling effectively, you may have a refrigerant leak. Your technician will measure the refrigerant level and test for leaks if it’s low. If a leak is detected, it will be sealed and your system will be topped off with the correct amount of refrigerant, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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