A great addition to any bathroom remodeling project is a low-flow toilet.

The technology for low-flow toilets has improved dramatically, making them significantly more energy efficient. This will not only help your home to become even more eco-friendly, but it will also reduce your water expenses.

To choose the best low-flow toilet for your home and bath, consider these tips:

  1. HET – Look for a model that meets the high efficiency toilet (HET) standard, which was newly set to ensure better water utilization with a maximum 1.3 gallons per flush (gpf). This is 20 percent less than than the standard maximum of 1.6 gpf.
  2. Height, shape and design – Consider your bathroom’s design and look for a toilet that will compliment the overall style and fit comfortably in the available space. Pay close attention to the plumbing requirements for the new toilet compared to your existing plumbing. There are numerous designs with various heights and seat shapes from which to choose.
  3. Price – A toilet that’s at a higher price point doesn’t necessarily reflect higher quality.  Carefully review the toilet’s specifications and design to ensure this model fits your needs.  Some of the best performing toilets aren’t the most expensive.
  4. Functionality – Look for low-flow toilets that will meet or exceed your performance requirements.  Consider frequency of use, family dynamics and overall functionality. Also consider advanced features such as dual or single flush options and pressure assistance.
  5. Removal options – Many toilets utilize a gravity flush process which sucks waste down, while others (particularly popular in Europe) operate with a pressurized option that pushes waste through the system. The pressurized option, which is used in most dual flush models, often uses even less water than the gravity flush option.

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Image via Shutterstock.com