Spring’s the season for air conditioner preventative maintenance because summer’s the season for hot days and high household cooling demand. Air conditioner breakdowns almost always occur when a unit’s under the highest demand — typically during a severe summer heat wave. That’s an inconvenient time to live without cool comfort in the house. It can also be a difficult time to get emergency service as service technicians are often booked up. Take the opportunity now, before the weather heats up, to schedule a maintenance call with a qualified HVAC contractor. Here are four good reasons why spring’s the season for summer air conditioner preventative maintenance:

  • Manufacturer-Recommended Service. A qualified HVAC technician will perform a checklist of procedures specifically designed to support the cooling function and energy efficiency of your A/C, while also reducing wear and tear and extending service life of expensive components.
  • Preventive Inspections. A preventative maintenance service call also allows the field technician to perform a complete evaluation that may reveal incipient problems that could cause malfunctions later in the summer when the system’s under maximum stress. Dealing with minor issues now is more cost-effective than waiting until they cause major breakdowns later.
  • Lower Operating Costs. The efficiency ratings assigned to your air conditioner are all based on the assumption of annual preventative maintenance by a qualified professional. If proper maintenance is neglected, energy efficiency is usually the first casualty and higher operating costs are the inevitable result. Proper pre-season maintenance ensures you get all the efficiency and economy your A/C is engineered to deliver.
  • Warranty Compliance. Major manufacturers of most central air conditioners require proof of annual preventative maintenance as part of the warranty terms. Should you need service or replacement in the future, without a record of annual maintenance by a qualified HVAC service provider you may be denied coverage under the warranty.

For annual air conditioner preventative maintenance before another hot Cincinnati summer, contact the HVAC professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing.