Summer is in Full Swing – Schedule an HVAC tune-up Today

Summertime allows you to relax and enjoy the sun, holidays and family get-togethers. Unfortunately, summer also brings intense heat waves and high humidity levels. Many homeowners seek shelter indoors when the heat is unbearable although what happens when your air conditioner unexpectedly goes kaput? Apollo Home wants Cincinnati residents to be ready when the heat starts rising, and the best way is by servicing your air conditioner early.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Air Conditioner Service Early

Servicing your air conditioner as early in the season as possible offers many benefits to you and your family. Calling Apollo Home before temperatures start to climb allows our technicians to catch problems quickly. Detecting problems early will reduce the risk of mechanical failure or malfunction during the longest day of the summer. The cost of catching a problem when it’s small is lower than repairing a major problem during an emergency repair call.

Scheduling service at the beginning of summer allows you to beat the rush when others are experiencing similar problems with their air conditioners. The wait list for getting a qualified technician to your house might be extremely long and force you to go without cool air for several days. Servicing your air conditioner at the start of summer means you can adjust when our technicians visit based on your busy schedule.

For the ultimate in convenience, invest in a maintenance routine, such as the Apollo Care Plan. It includes benefits such as annual tune-ups of your heating and of your cooling equipment, annual evaluations of your plumbing/sewer and of your electrical systems and a dedicated VIP phone number for priority scheduling.

The last benefit to scheduling air conditioner service early is increased savings throughout the summer on your energy bill. Heading into summer with a clean and efficiently operating air conditioner keeps energy use low. When the heat increases and your unit operates more often, your energy bill won’t spike drastically. You will experience lower energy costs throughout most of the summer and only have to deal with the occasional increase in energy use when the temperature gets extremely high.

Consider a Backup Generator

It’s not just the heat and humidity affecting your air conditioner’s performance. Summer weather also consists of heavy storms, which cause surprise power outages. Your air conditioner can’t operate without electricity, which means no cool air when the power goes out! To avoid this inconvenience, consider installing a backup generator to operate your air conditioner and other appliances in your home for safety and comfort.  

Apollo Home offers quality backup generator installation with one of our licensed and insured electricians. We know local building codes and know how to safely install a backup generator for your home. We offer free estimates for backup generator installation, so you know costs up front.

Benefits of a Backup Generator

If you aren’t convinced a backup generator is necessary, examine the benefits of being prepared during a power outage:

  • Prevent Food Loss: Backup generators allow your refrigerator to continue running even when the power goes out. You don’t have to worry about food spoiling while you wait for the power to return.
  • Keeps Your Home Safe: If you have a home security system, a backup generator will keep it operational without any interruption in service and bringing you peace of mind.
  • Reduces the Risk of Flooding: If you have a sump pump or well water, a power outage will leave you vulnerable to flooding or no water at all for bathing, drinking or cleaning. A backup generator keeps your sump pump working so your home doesn’t suffer from water damage. It also keeps your well water pumping, ensuring all faucets, taps and other water flow smoothly throughout your home.

Don’t wait until your air conditioner goes out before you call for help! Schedule service for your air conditioner early to avoid the rush and rising heat. Contact Apollo Home to schedule service today for air conditioner service or to install a backup generator or backup sump pump.