Most HVAC companies suggest tune ups on your cooling equipment, but what exactly is included in a heating tune up? Regular maintenance is like having oil changes in your cars, the better care you take of the equipment, the longer it will last, so don’t wait, call us today at (513) 268-8400 to schedule your tune up before your system breaks down with no warning and leaves you in the heat of the summer.

Our technicians will perform the following 15 steps to ensure your equipment is ready to tackle the bouts of our hot Cincinnati summer:

  1. Lubricate all moving parts
  2. Safety test all controls for proper operation
  3. Install gauges; record operating pressures and temperatures
  4. Inspect start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rusts and leaks
  5. Measure refrigerant superheat to fine-tune its charge
  6. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
  7. Tighten and safety test all wiring and connections
  8. Check blower motor (and belt if applicable)
  9. Test “temperature drop” at return and supply air; adjust blower
  10. Adjust and clean thermostat
  11. Meter voltage and amperage in all motors; test for worn bearings
  12. Test condition of compressor contacts
  13. Check air filter; clean or replace with customer-supplied filter
  14. Clean outdoor condenser coil
  15. Inform customer of equipment condition and provide printed report

Call us at (513) 268-8400 or contact us today to schedule your tune up for only $149.00.