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Why a Connected Home (What’s the big deal?)

post img In the age of technology and connectivity, terms like connected home and smart home are more common than ever. But what does that include? How does a connected home help improve efficiency and utility costs in the home?

What Does it Mean to Have a Connected Home?

Technically, a connected home employs connections between multiple devices, services and applications. These connections may rely on sensors and WiFi strength and include communications, healthcare, security, entertainment and home automation.  It involves use inside the home, to adjust the temperature, for example, as well as remotely, like unlocking the door for the pet sitter. Also referred to as a “smart home,” the idea is to provide convenience and access to the users.  You may also have heard of IoT, or “Internet of Things.” This simply means connecting previously non-technological appliances to the Internet.  Examples might be a refrigerator connected to your online grocery account which orders milk when you’re out. Another is using an app to connect to your oven to begin preheating before you arrive home or extend the dryer cycle so your clothes won’t wrinkle.

Connected Home Technology in Your Home

Life is busy and people are forgetful. How many times have you left the house before a vacation and realized you forgot to turn the air down? Forgot you were receiving a package over the weekend? Left your keys on the table next to the door and locked yourself out? Times like these are when having a connected home makes all the difference. Whether it’s a passcode door lock system, key fobs, front door monitoring system, outdoor camera systems or smart thermostats, Apollo Home can connect your home to your phone for optimal security and efficiency. We carry some of the best Nest home automation solutions to complete your connected home vision. Our team of licensed electricians is ready to handle all your electrical services and upgrades. Click Here to Schedule a Consultation for Connected Home Services 

Connected Thermostats

Offering filter replacement reminders, alerts when temperatures drop to pipe bursting levels and more, the Nest Thermostat 3 is the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat that saves energy while learning your preferred settings and temperatures. After manually adjusting your Nest thermostat for a week, the device learns your preferences and adjusts for your comfort. Additionally, an app connected to your phone or tablet allows you to adjust settings from the comfort of your couch or states away.  Say goodbye to the headache of forgotten temperature adjustments during vacations and weekend trips. The Nest Thermostat 3 allows you to save money and time all from the convenience of your phone.

Connected Home Security

When you think security you probably envision outdoor cameras. Have you thought about indoor and doorbell cameras as well? Door locks and key fobs? These aren’t limited to apartments and offices. As a homeowner, you always want to make sure your home is secure and safe.

Nest Cameras

The Nest Cam line offers 24/7 live video, phone alerts, night vision and 1080p HD resolution. Offering two options for both indoor and outdoor cameras, you aren’t limited on camera quality.  Whether it’s 4K sensors or built-in speaker communication, the Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ have an abundance of features for you to choose from.

Nest Doorbell

No longer live in the fear of your Amazon Prime packages being snagged from your doorsteps thanks to the Nest Hello. This doorbell technology houses HD video, 160-degree field of view and night vision. Not only does the Nest Hello offer video, but a “quiet time” feature to eliminate the chime sounds during a child’s naptime. Motion and sound alerts detect visitors from head to toe and send alerts to the app and any connected devices.

Nest Security System and Door Lock

Security alarm systems, motion detectors, connectivity extenders and digital door lock systems keep you sleeping soundly knowing intruders and other night creepers are deterred from your safe home. The Nest x Yale Lock is a secure, tamper-proof replacement of your old-fashioned deadbolt. Say goodbye to key copying and locksmiths, unlock the door from your phone with the Nest x Yale Lock. It also allows you to create passcodes for friends and family and set expiration times for codes. The Nest Guard houses an alarm, keypad and motion sensor with an app to remotely arm and disarm the system. However, the best feature of the Nest Guard is a toss-up between the No Rush arming and disarming. This gives you the freedom to set your exit time without the rush of a countdown. There’s also the Remind Me alert when you forget to set the alarm. Nest Detect is a motion-sensing device that sticks to any wall or door. Features like Dog Pass and Quiet Open allow you and your pets to move around the house without setting off alarms. Nest Tag allows trusted friends, family and sitters to enter and disarm systems with a water-resistant keychain fob. A bonus feature of the Nest Tag allows you to easily locate a lost fob with the Nest App.

Apollo Home Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Have you purchased or are you thinking about buying an electric vehicle? Apollo Home’s licensed electricians also install EV charging stations in residential garages. Charge your electric car faster with the right outlet.

Connect your Home with Apollo Home

Are you ready to have a connected home? Whether you’re ready to update your whole house or simply looking for an outdoor camera system, Apollo Home offers you the best in Nest products. Our electricians also provide electrical services such as GFCI outlet installation, light fixture or ceiling fan installation, and EV charging station installation. Call today for your free estimate.
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