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What to Expect From a Professional A/C Installation

post img A new A/C installation is a substantial home investment. The decisions you make will affect cooling bills and comfort for years. The efficiency of your new A/C is obviously important, but the SEER rating isn’t the only factor to consider for efficiency and ROI. Work closely with your HVAC professional to make sure the following four essential factors for installation are adhered.

A/C Sizing

The size of an A/C system refers to its cooling output. Rather than going by the size of your old A/C, which could be incorrect, an experienced HVAC professional will determine a home’s cooling/heating load using Manual J. To help determine your home’s load, an HVAC professional may ask about previous cooling bills, comfort issues and if you’ve performed home energy upgrades to tighten the envelope.

Ductwork Design

Determining an efficient ductwork design for a home is vital to a successful A/C installation. According to Energy Star, an A/C with leaky and inefficient ducts can lose up to 30 percent efficiency, and you may be further burdened with parts that fail early. Quality duct design includes tight joints and insulation for ducts outside the living spaces.

Check Airflow

Efficient airflow is the result of proper A/C sizing, good ductwork design and an effective blower motor. Blower motor evaluation occurs during A/C system selection to determine if the furnace blower is ideal, or if you’re better off upgrading to a variable-speed blower motor. In either situation, the blower is adjusted to force optimal airflow through the ducts and home.

Refrigerant Charge

A/Cs ship from the manufacturer charged with refrigerant, but the refrigerant level should still be measured at installation. Even a slight discrepancy from the A/C’s requirements increases energy bills and burdens components. Remember, it’s the refrigerant that extracts heat from your Cincy home, leaving it nice and cool. For more details about professional A/C installation, contact the HVAC pros at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Image via
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