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What to Do About a Clogged Drain in Your Kitchen

post img A clogged drain in your kitchen is different from a clogged bathroom sink or shower drain. Instead of clotted hair or built-up soap residue, the usual causes for a clogged drain in your kitchen are accumulation of grease or food fragments in the sink trap. Prevention of clogs is always preferable, of course. Don’t pour liquid grease down the sink — it solidifies in the trap. Also, avoid washing food scraps or other substances like coffee grounds down the drain. The trap effectively “traps” these objects and clogging eventually results. Avoid use of caustic drain openers. The damage they may inflict on your plumbing could be expensive. Instead, try these two DIY methods. If you still can’t clear the obstruction, contact a qualified local plumber. Plunge It If you’re unclogging a double sink, seal the other sink opening with the sink stopper or a wet washcloth. Add a few inches of hot water to the sink and position the bell of the sink plunger directly atop the clogged drain opening. Plunge vigorously with a straight up and down motion for a minute, then remove the plunger. If the sink doesn’t drain, try again. Still no luck? If you’re DIY-capable, you may want to disassemble the trap under the sink. Clean Out the Trap Place a bucket beneath the U-shaped trap in the drain pipe under the sink. Loosen the two large slip nuts securing the trap in the pipe. If they can’t be loosened by hand, be careful not to apply too much force with a wrench. Get a plumber if they’re stubborn. Pull downward gently to remove the trap from the sink tailpiece, then pull it off the drain pipe leading into the wall. Clean grease, food scraps and other debris out of the trap and reinstall. Hand tighten the slip nuts securely, then run water and check for leaks. Now What? If the sink still doesn’t drain freely, you’ve got a clog somewhere deeper in the drain system. Call a plumber. For professional plumbing services to clear a clogged drain in your kitchen, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing.
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