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What is the Water Safe System Service Provided by Apollo?

post img Water is a necessity of life, but it can also be a destructive force. A blown pipe. A leaking washing machine hose. An overflowing drain. All of these can cause extensive property damage. If you are worried about any of these scenarios, you need to look into water leak prevention services in Cincinnati. The worst thing about water leaks is that they often happen silently. There is no loud explosion or dramatic occurrence. The water starts leaking and it won’t stop. The family comes home and finds water flooding the basement. Or they wake up in the morning to find the first floor flooded. The damage is done by that point, and the only thing to do is stop the leaking and call the insurance company.

Introducing the WaterSafe

The good news is that are ways to detect water leaks and put a stop to them immediately. The WaterSafe is a perfect example of this kind of system. This system involves installing water detection sensors at key locations throughout your home. Many homeowners choose to place them near the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and in the basement. If these sensors detect any increase in moisture levels that would indicate a leak, they signal a central control unit that is hung on a wall someplace in the home. That signal sends an alert to an automatic water shut-off valve installed on the house’s water main. The shut-off valve cuts water to the entire home immediately. This helps prevent more water from leaking out and causing more damage. When the leak is fixed, there is a “over-ride” option on the central controller that will turn the water back on. The WaterSafe can also update special monitoring software that will send alerts to the homeowner immediately after the system is activated. An automated water shut-off system like the WaterSafe not only protect your home from water damage. It may also qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s policy. If you are interested in water leak prevention services in Cincinnati, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information on WaterSafe.
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