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Is Your Home’s Water Pressure Low? Troubleshooting Tips to Increase It

post img If you’re looking for advice about troubleshooting low water pressure, you’re probably already aware of the  annoyances it can cause. Low water pressure means anemic shower flow, slow-filling washing machines and not enough power to effectively rinse dishes. After troubleshooting low water pressure yourself, you may very likely need the services of a professional plumber to resolve the problem. However, a few DIY tips may help clarify the issue before you call in the pros.

Is It the Neighborhood?

Ask neighbors and find out if low pressure affects everyone in the area. If you see a pattern, contact your municipal water utility and inquire about options the city may provide to boost pressure in homes.

Do You Have a Pressure Reduction Valve?

In some communities, municipal water pressure is actually too high for residential uses. In these cases, a water pressure limiter installed at the meter adjusts pressure down. Your plumber can test the pressure and adjust the valve accordingly or replace it if needed.

Is the Shut-Off Value Fully Open?

The main water valve controlling all flow into the house may have been left partially closed. If you know the location of the valve, see if you can open it more. If you suspect the valve isn’t fully open but is frozen, don’t try to force it. Contact a plumbing professional.

Is It Just One Fixture?

If only only one faucet or shower head delivers insufficient pressure, check for build-up of mineral deposits in the faucet aerator or shower nozzles. Try soaking it in vinegar to dissolve minerals. If that doesn’t restore normal flow, you’ll need to replace it.

Low Hot Water Pressure Only?

First, make sure the water inlet and outlet valves on top of the water heater are fully open. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need a plumber to inspect the heater. Replacement may be necessary if mineral sediment has solidified inside the tank. For advice on troubleshooting low water pressure and professional service to fix the causes, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Image via  
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