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Toilet Maintenance: Checking for Signs of Trouble

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Are you seeing signs that you might need toilet repair in Cincinnati? Toilets generally aren’t a source of major malfunctions unless they become clogged. More minor toilet problems are usually related to water waste and annoyance. In fact, a toilet that “runs” continuously or intermittently is more than an irritation: it can consume as much as 4,000 gallons of water a year. A toilet incorporates several moving parts that are subject to wear and tear over time and will eventually require replacement. Here are some symptoms that may indicate it’s time to seek qualified toilet repair in Cincinnati.

Toilet Runs on and Off

Usually a result of a leaky flapper valve in the bottom of the tank. As the tank’s water level gradually drops, the fill valve turns on and off to compensate. Add some food coloring to the tank. After an hour or so, check the water in the toilet bowl. If you see traces of color, that means the flapper is leaking. Replacement is a simple job for a qualified plumber or handyman.

Toilet Runs Constantly

If the sound of water running is continuous, lift the tank lid and observe the round vertical overflow tube. Is water pouring down the tube? That’s a sign that the fill valve isn’t shutting off. Call a plumber to install a new one. However, if the tank is empty or nearly empty, it’s more likely a flapper valve stuck in the open position — maybe a tangled flush chain isn’t allowing it to close or the flapper has completely deteriorated due to age and wear. While you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive, turn off water to the toilet at the valve on the wall behind it to stop excessive water waste.

Weak Flushing

Weak flushing is often a symptom of a flapper valve not opening enough or staying open long enough. It could be that the flush chain is too long or the flapper itself is water-logged and defective.

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