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The Difference Between Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters

post img Many water heater services in Cincinnati offer installation and maintenance of both tankless water heaters and conventional tank-based models. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your hot water requirements and your budget.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters use a large tank, ranging from 20 to 120 gallons, in which water is constantly heated and stored until it is used. Having a ready supply of hot water has several advantages, but tank-based heaters also have serious disadvantages, including higher energy usage. Pros
  • Lower Initial cost – Tank-based water heaters are relatively inexpensive.
  • Easy installation – Most homes are already designed for tank-based models, making installing a new storage tank heater easier than retrofitting for a tankless model.
  • Quick Delivery – Large tank ensures a good supply of hot water, delivered quickly.
  • Efficiency – New models are up to 96% efficient.
  • Shorter lifespan – They last about half as long as tankless models.
  • Higher energy usage – Constantly heating water increases your energy costs.
  • Finite supply – After the hot water runs out, it may take a while to replenish.
  • Bulky – Storage tank heaters require plenty of space to install.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters tend to be more efficient than tank-based models, but they also have significant drawbacks. Pros
  • Energy efficient – Tankless heaters use up to 22% less energy than tank-based models.
  • Small size – Allows for flexible installations, such as mounting the heater closer to fixtures for better hot water delivery.
  • Extended lifespan – With minimal maintenance, tankless models can last over 20 years.
  • Consistent Heated Water – Unlimited hot water if installed and sized correctly.
  • Dual power sources – Available in both gas and electric versions.
  • Higher upfront costs – The purchase price of tankless models is often at least double that of conventional models, and installation costs are often higher.
  • Required Upgrades – Installation may require upgrades to your gas lines or electric service, and possibly a new vent system for gas models.
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