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Senior Safety Conversions in Your Home: A Checklist

post img Although there’s a bit of work and possibly expense, making senior safety conversions in your home can allow you to stay there rather than moving. The vast majority of people want to continue to live in their homes for understandable personal and financial reasons. These changes can help you live there safely and comfortably.

Accessibility Issues 

  • Are the doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or a walker? If not, you may need the help of a contractor to widen them.
  • Grab bars near the toilet and in the tub or shower make the home safer and aren’t difficult to install.
  • The control knobs on the stove should be easy to use and have highly visible markings for the heat settings.

Safety Issues

  • Are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors low enough to avoid using a ladder to check batteries? Balance issues are part of the aging process. Optimally, these devices should be placed high on the walls, but it’s better to have them at eye level than neglect testing them routinely. Placing these detectors conveniently may be one of the most important senior safety conversions in your home.
  • Have anti-scald devices been placed on the sinks, tubs and showers? As an alternative, you can turn down the water heater to 120 degrees F. That prevents scalding and also lowers water heating costs.

Comfort Issues

A dependable heating and cooling system is crucial for comfort and safety. It’s important for you to have your system checked annually. HVAC technicians check all the safety features, vents and flues for proper operation, along with calibrating the thermostat. Being without cooling or heating during weather extremes can cause medical emergencies. An easy to use programmable thermostat will also promote comfort and lower energy bills. Models are available that are easy to use and some have smart features, allowing you or someone you trust to access the system remotely. The pros at Apollo Home Heating, Air and Plumbing can help you with some of the senior safety conversions in your home. We’re proud to provide HVAC and other homeowner services in the greater Cincinnati area. Image via
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