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Is It Time to Replace the Air Conditioner?

post img The right time to replace the air conditioner isn’t always obvious. While you could wait until your system fails completely, by doing so you might be missing out on the energy savings and greater convenience a new system can offer. Waiting also means you could end up spending the hottest days of the Cincinnati summer without A/C. To decide if you’d be better off with a new air conditioner, look for these signs. Your system’s no longer new — Air conditioner technology is developing so quickly that new models are noticeably more efficient than those manufactured just eight years ago. If you upgrade from a SEER 10 model, common eight to 10 years ago, to one of the SEER 16 models common today, you could save around 38 percent on your cooling bills. You’re fed up with repairs — Paying to fix seemingly minor problems with your A/C will almost always leave you with diminishing returns. By upgrading to a new, more efficient model, you’ll reduce your energy bills as well as save yourself the expense, time, and hassle continual repairs demand. You’re bothered by noise — While clanging and banging is a sign your system needs repairs, even properly running air conditioner outdoor units can make a humming noise many dislike. Modern air conditioners contain highly efficient scroll compressors that run more quietly than the older reciprocating types. You’ll be paying less to run a quieter system. Your system’s oversized — Does your A/C turn on and off frequently, do a poor job of removing humidity, and leave hot and cold spots around your home? If so, it’s probably oversized. Previously, A/C systems were often oversized to ensure they could stand up to the hottest summer temperatures, regardless of the other issues oversizing caused. When you replace the air conditioner, it can be accurately sized for your home, so you’ll enjoy better performance and lower bills. If you’re ready to replace the air conditioner in your Greater Cincinnati area home, contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for guidance on finding a model that will keep you cool affordably. Image via
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