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Plumbing Services and Tips to Solve Drainage Problems for Cincinnati Homeowners

post img The Cincinnati climate experiences a lot of precipitation – plumbing services pros are here to help you prepare for the rain and snow. In the greater Cincinnati region, we have our fair share of fluctuating temperatures. We can see freezing rain, snow and 45 degrees all in the same day! Is your sump pump or drainage system prepared for the potential of this excess water in and around your home?

Plumbing Services Tips to Prep Your Sump Pump

Be ready when the snow melts with these sump pump precautions.

Check Sump Pump Pipe

Find the outside pipe where the pump drains the water from the sump pit. Verify the pipe is clear of dirt or debris. You don’t want anything clogging the drain pipe after snow melts.

Test the Sump Pump

Use a large pot or five-gallon bucket filled with water to test the sump pump. Slowly pour the water into the pit. The float, which looks like a bulb, should rise. This is similar to the bulb in your toilet tank as it refills. The pump should activate before the water reaches the top of the pit. The system should turn off as the water level lowers. Call for an inspection or service appointment if the float doesn’t rise. Also, call for a technician if the pump doesn’t kick on or off automatically.

Power Check

No one is immune to this, even if it seems silly. Check to make sure the sump pump has power. The power cable may have dislodged or the breaker may have tripped. Some sump pumps do not require power from either a power source or battery, so this step may not apply.  

Plumbing Services Tip: Backup Sump Pumps

Many homeowners invest in their basement square footage. We’ve seen beautiful examples of these living spaces for recreation, relaxation, extra space for guests and more. Don’t risk your investment by skipping a backup sump pump. It’s a small price for great peace of mind. Even if your basement is unfinished and you use it primarily for storage, you should have a backup sump pump. Frankly, even if you store nothing, it’s best to protect your foundation from water damage and the potential for mold. We cannot emphasize this enough. We offer both battery-powered and water-powered models. A water-powered model uses the pressure from the municipal water supply and works even in a power outage. These are highly recommended if you travel or if you maintain a vacation home. We’re happy to help you weigh the options and provide a free estimate.

Plumbing Services Tip: Drain Clearing

Drain clearing of your main line is a quick service designed to relieve your main drain of any clogs. This affordable maintenance service helps improve water flow to and from your main line to the street, where it connects with the city’s system. Drain clearing breaks through any obstructions. This is different from drain cleaning, which is a more comprehensive plumbing services process. For drain cleaning, we use various tools, including a hydro-jet pressure system to really “clean” the pipes. If you have an older home or trees with pervasive root systems, you may need one or both of these plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers and sewer specialists use a variety of technology and tools to determine the best plumbing services procedure to solve your problems. Our friendly plumbers are happy to answer any questions about the process and any camera footage used to diagnose the situation. We provide the expertise and guidance, you provide the decision.

Plumbing Services Tip: Join the Apollo Care Plan if You Own a House in Cincinnati

It’s best to establish a relationship with a trusted home services company for maintenance. It makes the unexpected emergency service easier to handle when you are familiar with the company and its people. When you join the Apollo Care Plan, you receive two HVAC tune-ups each year as well as annual evaluations of your electrical and plumbing systems. Members also enjoy perks like a VIP phone number and priority scheduling. Sign up today and enjoy regular maintenance and emergency services from licensed and industry-certified professionals.
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