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Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips for Summer

post img Plumbing preventative maintenance is a year-round matter. However, the focus changes as the weather warms up. While frozen pipes are a major concern in winter, summer brings other issues to the forefront. Neglected plumbing issues will waste water resources, raise your monthly bill and can be a precursor to household water damage if a supply line ruptures or a drain backs up. Here are a few items that should be on the summer plumbing preventative maintenance checklist: Sewer Backups They’re more common in summer months due to reasons ranging from simply higher household usage to tree root infiltration to heavy summer rainfalls. If you haven’t had a sewer evaluation in a few years, schedule one now. Catching any problems before they happen is definitely preferable to cleaning up raw sewage inside your home on a hot day. Sprinkler Problems If you have underground sprinklers in your lawn, they’re probably activated for the summer and the water supply is turned on. A broken pipe underground may not be immediately evident but can waste thousands of gallons of water. Look for unexplained wet spots or depressions in the lawn or any areas where grass is unusually green. Also, keep up with replacing any sprinkler heads or valves that may be damaged by mowing. A/C Issues Your central air conditioner is connected to your household plumbing system to drain gallons of A/C condensate  produced every day. Algae forming in the air handler drip pan or drain line can cause a clog and damaging overflow. Pouring a cup of common household bleach into the drip pan at intervals during the summer inhibits algae growth. Washing Machine Hoses Summer frequently means out-of-town vacations. Check the condition of rubber washing machine supply hoses. If one ruptures while you’re gone, catastrophic water damage could occur. Before you leave, turn off the water at the hot and cold spigots behind the washer to be safe. For a more permanent fix, it’s a good idea to have a plumber upgrade to braided steel lines. For professional plumbing preventative maintenance to keep your summer trouble-free, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing.
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