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Make the Most of Back-to-School Energy Savings

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Fall is a transitional time, when leaves and temperatures drop and families settle back in to a familiar routine. After a summer filled with increased energy usage from the television, video games and A/C, take advantage of this decrease in activity to enjoy some back-to-school energy savings; here’s how.

  • Re-program the thermostat. Adjust the settings on the programmable thermostat to reflect the change in your routine. Opt for a temperature of 68 degrees for times you’re home or awake, and program it several degrees lower for times you’re away or asleep. For each degree you go below your desired set point, you can save approximately 2 percent on your heating costs.
  • Get unplugged. Increase back-to-school energy savings by unplugging all the devices and small appliances your children used during the summer. Turning them off isn’t good enough, as most of these devices continue to draw power in the “off” position. This phantom power can account for as much as 10 percent of your monthly energy bill.
  • Maintain the heating system. Increase comfort, efficiency and reliability by having the heating system inspected, cleaned and professionally maintained each fall. Keep up with regular air filter changes throughout the fall and winter, aiming for a monthly change during peak heating season.
  • Get audited. Schedule a professional energy audit to find out where your energy dollars are flowing and identify areas where you can save.
  • Head in a different direction. Switch the direction of ceiling fans to have them rotate in a clockwise direction. This will create an updraft that will push the warm air from the ceiling area back down to living spaces.
  • Harness the power of the sun. Open window coverings on south-facing windows during the day, allowing the sun’s rays to help heat your home.
  • Check for leaks. Inspect ductwork for signs of cracking or disconnection, and seal these areas with foil backed tape or duct mastic.

For more back-to-school energy savings tips, call the experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve been serving homeowners in the greater Cincinnati area for over a century.

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