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Is a Ductless Heat Pump Right for My Home?

post img Among the impressive advantages of a ductless heat pump is the one implied by its name: no ducts. In any house, ductwork is a major source of lost heating and cooling efficiency, high operating costs, and diminished comfort. Residential ductwork isn’t fabricated to the heavy-duty standards of commercial ducts, and increasingly leaks air as years pass. In the average house, air leakage from ductwork is estimated to be at least 20 percent. In many homes, that figure is much higher. A ductless heat pump integrates a low-profile indoor air handler with an energy-efficient outdoor heat pump to deliver powerful, economical heating and cooling to single rooms or limited spaces. The components are linked by a narrow refrigerant conduit that only requires a three-inch hole in an exterior wall. In homes where the considerable expense and disruption to install ducts or extend existing ductwork isn’t doable (or desirable), a duct-free system provides the perfect alternative. Other advantages of a ductless heat pump include:
  • Straightforward, low-impact installation. A ductless system can be installed by a two-man crew in a single day without major construction activity. Because a single outdoor heat pump can accommodate up to five indoor air handlers in separate rooms, expanding the system is also uncomplicated.
  • Placement flexibility. The inconspicuous indoor air handler can be installed in a variety of configurations ranging from wall and ceiling mounted units to stand-up units. The outdoor component of the system is about the size of a large suitcase and can be placed on the ground or mounted to the back wall of your home with brackets.
  • Power without noise. No distracting sound of forced air rumbling through your ductwork. The internal blower fan in a ductless heat pump is whisper-quiet.
  • Accurate temperature control. Because a dedicated thermostat—a handy portable remote control—is in each room with a ductless air handler, room temperatures are maintained to closer tolerances than a central ducted system controlled by a single thermostat centrally located in your home.
In greater Cincinnati, ask the professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing about more advantages of a ductless heat pump.
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