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Use Your Heating and Air System to Fight Fall Allergies

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Cincinnati’s worst allergens include ragweed, mold and dust

One of the charming features of Midwest living is the beauty of all four seasons. In fall, it means mums, pumpkin patches and a spectrum of changing leaves. If, however, you or a loved one live with allergies, fall means new allergens. We’ll review how you can use your heating and air system to address Cincinnati’s most common allergy-triggers.  

Common Environmental Allergens in Greater Cincinnati

  1. Dust, of course, is year-round. In your home, fall might mean a neighborhood yard sale. It may mean a swap of seasonal decor, bedding or clothing. Any of these activities can stir up dust in the garage or basement storage areas.
  2. Mold. We associate mold and other microbial growth with damp and dark areas, like basements. Keep in mind fallen leaves can quickly breed mold spores. Go ahead and get your photos of the kids jumping in leaf piles early. Just take precautions, especially if any family member copes with allergies. Or skip it altogether – there are plenty of other autumn photo opportunities.
  3. Ragweed. This common weed keeps the facial tissue companies in business! It begins pollinating in mid-August and keeps going until we have a hard freeze. Many, many people suffer from ragweed allergies.   

Heating and Air Systems to the Rescue!

Apollo Home offers multiple solutions to improve indoor air quality and lessen allergen pollutants. Your heating and air system is, in many ways, the “lungs” of your home. The ductwork extends throughout the living area, taking in air and returning it. When you introduce allergens and other contaminants into your home, they find their way to your heating and air system. Your air filter is the primary stop for these particles. The amount of filtration depends on the grade. These filters should be checked monthly for use and potential clogs. Depending on your model, you may either clean or replace it. Most homes are good to swap it out every two to three months. Definitely change your furnace filter before turning it on for the first time this fall. If, however, you have pets, smoke or live in a high pollen area, we recommend you change it every one to two months. A next step is to install indoor air quality products like media air cleaners or a UV air purifier. Finally, schedule a tune-up of your heating and air system. A routine maintenance visit includes cleaning, testing and inspecting your HVAC system. Your Apollo Home technician will note any excessive build-up and provide recommendations to address it.

Heating and Air Media Air Cleaners Capture Contaminants

These quiet machines are incredible. Install one with your current heating and air system and enjoy whole-home filtration. They work to clean the air even when your heating and air system isn’t running. As air flows through the media air cleaner, it captures particles of pollen, dust and pet dander as small as 1.0 micron. For context, the American Lung Association tells us pollutants up to 10 microns can pass through our lungs. Wow!  

UV Air Purifier Brings “Sunshine” Indoors

Remember Grandma hanging quilts outside? The premise of UV light, or sunshine holds. Think microscopic vampires. A UV air purifier uses UV light inside your heating and air system to kill airborne mold, bacteria and virus particles. Ever felt your family is passing the same “flu bug” around for weeks? A UV air purifier may help. Kill those particulates as they pass through the heating and air system instead of exiting your ventilation for another round.

Invest in the Apollo Care Plan for Priority Benefits

Get the most use of and extend the life of your heating and air mechanicals. Join a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. Specially-designed to preserve your home’s systems, the Plan also reduces quality time lost to inconvenient repairs. Contact the Cincinnati home services leader – Apollo Home. We’re eager to share our expertise in heating and air services. We’ve learned a lot in our more than 100 years and put it to use for you. Our friendly heating and air professionals are licensed, insured and thoroughly background-checked for your peace of mind. They receive ongoing certified training to stay up to date. They are capable to confidently answer questions about our services and equipment care. Follow us on social media and call Apollo Home today!
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