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How an Experienced Handyman Can Help Prepare Your Home for a Senior’s Arrival

post img Getting your home ready for a senior citizen, especially one who may be physically compromised, usually involves upgrading it for specific senior safety guidelines and even Medicare regulations. The senior’s health care provider may have specific requirements based on his or her physical needs. However, even if the senior doesn’t require specific home retrofitting, improvements to stairways, bathrooms, doorways and the kitchen will promote their comfort and safety.

Stairway Improvements

If access to a bedroom and bathroom isn’t an option on the first floor of your home, you can improve stairway safety by adding a second hand railing, placing brightly colored tape on the edges of the steps, and coating slick stair surfaces with nonslip materials. A long-term solution to stairway hazards is a lift chair that almost always requires installation by someone familiar with home remodeling and safety issues.

Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom accidents can be serious, and grab bars near the toilet, tub and shower will provide balance and security for anyone. The hardware needs to be firmly anchored to the walls, something a handyman has the tools and experience to do. A shower is inherently safer for seniors than a bathtub, and this is another modification an experienced plumber can help you execute.

Doorway Modifications

Doorways may need to be expanded to accommodate a wheelchair. The standard width is 32 inches, however, making them wider will ease navigation. Expanding a door frame requires a fair amount of expertise and specialized tools, as does installing a new frame and door.

Kitchen Renovations for Seniors

A complete kitchen remodel to ease cooking for the senior can be an overwhelming expense, but you might be able to work with a handyman contractor to make the necessary changes that simplify accessing the refrigerator, stove, microwave and sink. How much a skilled contractor can do for you depends on your current appliances and kitchen layout, and this option may be worth exploring to enhance the livability of your home for the senior. The experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can help you with senior safety issues around your home. We’ve proudly assisted greater Cincinnati homeowners with these issues and more since 1910. Image via
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