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Furnace Tips to Improve Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

post img At Apollo Home, we’ve assembled some furnace tips to help Ohio homeowners this fall. We care about our customers and want them to enjoy health and safety. The comfort and cost savings of an efficient HVAC system are a bonus. With these furnace tips, you can improve the indoor air quality of your home as well as the health of your household. You may have been using your furnace for a few weeks now but did you know it could be bringing more than heat into your home?

Improve Air Quality for Better Respiratory Health with these Furnace Tips

Fall is a common time for bringing awareness to air quality and respiratory conditions. For example, according to the Lung Cancer Foundation, lung cancer kills nearly twice as many women as breast cancer and more than three times as many men as prostate cancer. In fact, lung cancer surpassed breast cancer in 1987 as the leading cancer killer among American women. Because we know so many Americans face cancer or another respiratory disease, we must treat indoor air quality with importance. Everyone benefits from quality indoor air to breathe. If you have seasonal allergies, asthma, COPD or have a vulnerable immune system due to illness or treatment, you benefit even more. Let’s discuss opportunities to improve your home’s air with these furnace tips.  

Apollo Home’s Furnace Tips – Change Your Air Filter

Of all the furnace tips, this is the most basic. It’s easy and only requires a replacement filter or, for non-disposables, to be cleaned. We encourage homeowners in greater Cincinnati to check the air filter in their HVAC equipment monthly. Most filters require a change or a clean every two to three months. If you have pets, live with a smoker or someone with a respiratory condition, it’s best to change it more often. A clean filter is important because it traps more airborne pollutants. The filter keeps contaminants like dust, pet dander, pollen, and virus particulates from circulating throughout your home. Plus, it’s harder to push air through a clogged filter. When your filter is dirty, it forces your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace to work harder. This leads to higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan for your HVAC unit.

Apollo Home’s Furnace Tips – Media Cleaners

A media cleaner is remarkably quiet while it cleans large volumes of air as it passes through your HVAC system. All year long, a media cleaner operates as part of a whole-home filtration system. These amazing devices trap particulates as small as 1.0 micron. For context, a human hair’s diameter is approximately 50 to 70 microns.

Apollo Home’s Furnace Tips – UltraViolet Air Purifiers

UltraViolet air purifiers use the germicidal properties of UV light inside your HVAC system. These devices kill airborne mold, bacteria and virus particles and prevent them from affecting your family. Ever feel like your family passes the same flu bug back and forth for weeks? This indoor air quality product can at least remove it from your air.

Apollo Home’s Furnace Tips – Schedule a Tune-up

For more thorough cleaning and maintenance, schedule a tune-up of your heating and cooling system twice a year. If you use an air conditioner and furnace combination, book a tune-up for your AC unit in the spring and one for your furnace in the fall. If you use a heat pump, also book in the spring and fall. Heat pumps function year round and do not get a seasonal break. They need care prior to and after the most demanding seasons. At Apollo Home, we offer a NATE-certified technician’s expertise and care for tune-ups. Each of our technicians is well-trained and able to service (and repair) any brand. He or she performs a thorough inspection to look for signs of trouble before he or she cleans, tests and lubricates all relevant parts. They know a few furnace tips too!

Apollo Home’s Furnace Tips – Make Maintenance Easy with the Apollo Care Plan

Extend the life of your home mechanicals with a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. In addition to two heating and cooling tune-ups, the Plan provides an annual evaluation of your electrical and plumbing systems. The Plan saves you time, money, and worry. It is designed to preserve your home’s mechanical systems and comes with benefits, including a VIP priority service phone number.   Our friendly professionals are industry-certified, licensed and insured. They also pass comprehensive background checks for your peace of mind. Also, as part of our commitment to professional development, they receive paid continuing education. This helps them to stay current with all brands and emerging technologies. They are happy to answer questions about HVAC services and how to care for your equipment. They also have more furnace tips to share! Call Apollo Home today to schedule your tune-up or to learn more about indoor air quality equipment. Need a plumber or an electrician? We can help there, too!
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