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Don’t Let Your HVAC System Shut Out Your Super Bowl Party

post img Even if your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year chances are you’re still going to watch the big game. If you are having friends and family gathering to watch the big game then you know the importance of being prepared. You wouldn’t entertain your guests without stocking the fridge, preparing some killer appetizers and making sure your tv and sound system are working. Your furnace needs to perform just like the players in the Super Bowl. Make sure your furnace doesn’t choke under pressure by changing the filter beforehand. The three biggest benefits of changing your furnace filter are energy savings, lower utility bills and better air quality. Just like the offensive line is looking for the widest gaps to get through to the end zone your heat will work better with unobstructed vents.  By keeping your HVAC system well-conditioned, it will do more than just keep your household running at a comfortable temperature for much longer than the game. A dirty furnace filter can cause dirt, dust, grime and debris to build up on heater components impairing the efficiency of the entire heating system. Just like the players condition their bodies to perform at top speeds and work on their lung capacity to keep them going strong for the entire game your furnace needs to be able to keep up with your household’s demands. Think of your air filter as your HVAC system’s defense; it is there to protect your home from contaminants.   Don’t make us throw a flag on your play for having fluxing temperatures from room to room. You want all of your guests to feel comfortable whether they are hovering in the kitchen while the halftime snacks are cooking or with the rest of the fans surrounding the television. Each room should be at a comparable level. If your furnace filter is dirty and clogged the air can be struggling to get through and get forced to a different area of the home creating a stagnant feeling in the room that isn’t getting the proper air circulation. Party foul, indeed. Have an emergency plan in place. Every team has a backup quarterback ready to go in case of injury. Apollo Home has 24/7 emergency service to help you. Don’t let your Super Bowl plans get sidelined by an HVAC emergency. Keep your guests at ease and focused on the game by taking the time to ensure your home is game day ready. For help selecting the best filter for your furnace or scheduling preventative maintenance, reach out to Apollo Home Heating, Cooling + Plumbing today!
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