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5 Common Chimney Problems That Need Professional Repair

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Your chimney is a vital component in the combustion process, removing undesirable by-products from your home and supplying a draft to fuel the fire with air. If your chimney is inadequate, dirty or damaged, it may be unable to perform these necessary functions, placing your family at risk for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Have a professional inspect your chimney annually to detect issues prior to use. Here are five common problems, all of which require professional chimney repair.

  1. Cracked bricks or joints – Cement, bricks and mortar can all crack, providing an avenue for water to enter your chimney and your home. A professional masonry absorption test can help determine if waterproofing is required.
  2. Siding issues – Improperly maintained wood siding where knots are loose or missing, or the wood has dried out and split, can allow water leakage behind the siding and into the chimney and house. Have a contractor inspect both the chimney and wood siding for leaks, repairing where necessary.
  3. The absence of a chimney cover – Water, leaves, debris or animals can all come straight down the chimney if no cover is in place, causing damage or creating a blockage that may lead to a drafting issue or CO poisoning.
  4. A cracked crown – The chimney crown serves to prevent moisture from entering the chimney. Left untreated, water may seep in, and freezing temperatures in winter causing the expansion and contraction of the cement can make the problem worse. Caught early, a specialty sealant may be applied, while larger cracks require more extensive chimney repair, including replacing the entire crown.
  5. Damaged flashing – This typically aluminum material is installed where the chimney meets the rooftop, enveloping the sides of the chimney and extending over the shingles. Typically waterproof tar is used to seal the seams, but it can break down over time, allowing water to enter seep in between the roof and chimney. Longer lasting specialty sealants are available and recommended.

For professional chimney repair, call on the experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We proudly provide the utmost in service to residents of greater Cincinnati and the Tristate Area.

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