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Solving Your Basement Moisture Issues: a DIY Action Plan

post img No season is particularly arid here in the greater Cincinnati region, with 42 inches of precipitation in an average year, all spread out pretty evenly across each month. That said, with all but a couple of inches of our snowfall falling between December and March, these months may bring the biggest worries where basement moisture issues are concerned. Instating a DIY action plan before things get out of hand is highly recommended.

Identify the Culprit

There’s standing water on your basement floor, but you don’t see any pipes leaking. Here’s a simple test. While the threat of unwanted moisture is pretty much year-round with our climate, indoor humidity can peak in the heating season, when houses are buttoned up tightly without the dehumidification effect of our A/Cs to combat it. Just tape a square of aluminum foil to your basement wall, then check back in a couple of days. If there’s moisture on the outside (away from the wall), your problem is indoor condensation; if it’s on the inside, the water’s coming from outdoors.

From Inside

If the test reveals condensation to be your problem, you can try several remedies to cut it at source:
  • Ensure your drier’s vent is fully sealed.
  • Install (or check) extractors in every shower, bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • Insulate exposed pipes — and the walls themselves — to curb condensation where hot, humid air meets cooler surfaces.
  • Run a dehumidifier in the basement to speed the results.

From Outside

Ensure run-off is routed away from the house. Look for problems first on the side of the house where moisture’s most noticeable, searching for slopes that run downward toward the building, or parts of your run-off system that aren’t sufficient to clear rain and snow-melt entirely away from the structure. A drainage system may be required to prevent water being channeled toward the exterior walls of your basement. Both are jobs for the professionals. In the greater Cincinnati area, that’s Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Contact us to arrange a free in-home consultation with one of our specialists, and together we’ll solve  your basement moisture issues. Image via
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