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Adding Insulation to Your Cincinnati Home Has Year-Round Benefits

post img Does the idea of adding insulation make you think of winter? Many greater Cincinnati homeowners forget about the boost in comfort and savings available in the summer cooling season from insulation. Now’s a great time to have your local handyman add insulation to make your home more cost-effective to cool this season and heat in winter. The best place to begin is in the attic.

Attic Insulation Increases Comfort and Decreases Energy Costs

If your attic is hot and musty, don’t worry. Proper insulation will work wonders. Neglecting the attic can cost money long-term and even damage your house. In winter, sealing air leaks, proper attic venting and adding insulation work together, allowing enough cool air inside to prevent ice dams and roof damage. In summer, insulation blocks hot attic air from getting down into your home. In all seasons, whole-house insulation helps keep conditioned air—whether heated or cooled—inside the home’s living area and prevents moisture buildup in the attic.

Duct Insulation Prevents Wasted Energy Year-Round

If your ducts aren’t properly insulated, you can waste a great amount of conditioned air as it travels from your HVAC equipment to the rooms of your house. Over time, existing duct insulation may have fallen off, gotten moist or settled, making heating and cooling bills much higher than necessary. What’s more, you may not be able to see the problem, since much of the duct system is hidden within walls and in crawl spaces.

Other Important Insulation Areas

  • Exterior walls, including between living spaces and unheated attached garages
  • Ceiling joist spaces
  • Floors above unheated garages and vented crawl spaces
  • Part of upper room floors extending beyond exterior walls below
  • Slab floors
Remember to put “adding insulation” on your summertime to-do list, along with painting touch-ups, checking smoke detectors and other difficult-to-reach jobs. Then call in an experienced professional to take care of everything for you. At Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we offer skilled handyman services to get your home prepped for all seasons. Call or visit us online for more information! Image via
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