Tips for Your Home

Protecting Your Home: Understanding Placement of Downspouts

Downspouts form a connection between the roof and the basement of your house. That connection is rainwater shed by the roof that infiltrates basement walls, causing a chronically wet basement. Water seepage into basements is a major problem that deteriorates basement structure and can make the interior basement space unusable for many purposes, as well as a source of mold contamination and other m [...]

Boosting Home Comfort with Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan installation in Cincinnati can help boost household comfort while lowering heating and cooling bills. Ceiling fans were actually the first electrical indoor comfort device, becoming common in residences during the 1920s. Efficient fans today sip energy and can cost as little as one cent per hour to operate. By supplementing air circulation in the proper direction for the season, a ce [...]

Early Signs of CO Poisoning

CO poisoning, caused by exposure to carbon monoxide gas, can be chronically debilitating at low levels and quickly fatal at higher levels. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of combustion in gas-fired furnaces, stoves, motor vehicles and even wood-burning fireplaces, is odorless and colorless and may accumulate inside a home without occupants being aware of it. This is why it is so important to know the [...]

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: When You Need a Pro

If things go wrong with your cooling system, how much air conditioning troubleshooting should you attempt yourself? Where’s the tipping point when it comes to when to call in a qualified professional, instead? The fact is, technology incorporated in today’s central air conditioners is complex and beyond the expertise of the average homeowner. For this reason—as well as valid safety conce [...]

Is Your Breaker Box Out of Date?

The electronics you’ve added to your household in recent years may be high technology, but is your home’s aging breaker box out of date? It may belong to a low tech era. If your house is more than 25 years old, chances are it’s still equipped with a main electrical service panel and circuit breakers that aren’t adequate for the electrical demands of today. Breaker Box Out of Date? The Sig [...]

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Red Flags in the Home

While carbon monoxide gas (CO) is itself undetectable to the senses, carbon monoxide red flags in your home are visible if you know what to look for. Colorless and odorless, CO is a byproduct of combustion ranging from a wood fire in the fireplace to the kitchen stove to a gas-fired furnace burner. It’s also in the exhaust of internal combustion vehicles and small engines like lawnmowers and ele [...]

Furnace Capacity: Understanding the Heating Power of Your Furnace

Does your furnace capacity have what it takes to keep you warm this winter? While indoor comfort in cold weather is dependent upon several factors including outdoor temperature, furnace capacity is the biggest key in determining whether your household will be warm and energy-efficient all winter long. The capacity of a furnace refers to the amount of heat it produces (measured in BTUs), varies by [...]

What to Know about Furnace Preventative Maintenance

Fall is the season to think about furnace preventative maintenance. Don’t risk a major heating outage during the worst cold spell later this winter — that’s the time when a poorly maintained furnace is most likely to fail completely. Furnace preventative maintenance lowers operating costs due to improved energy efficiency, as well as delivering more effective heating performance. Because a g [...]

Dirty Jobs: Tips to Avoid Sewer Clogs

If you need any more reasons to avoid sewer clogs, consider this fact: most standard homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for damage and cleanup if raw sewage backs up into your home due to a clog. The homeowner gets stuck with the entire bill. According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, sewage backups are increasing at a rate of 3 percent annually — mostly [...]

Closing Air Vents: Energy Saving Fact or Fiction?

Closing air vents in unoccupied rooms to save money sounds like a no-brainer. The theory is that simply shutting vents in empty rooms during winter makes your furnace run less and thus reduces monthly heating costs. Like many theories that sound too good to be true, however, the scientific facts say otherwise. Closing air vents can actually reduce energy efficiency as well as disrupt the proper di [...]

Cracked Toilet: Can it Be Saved?

Is there any hope for a cracked toilet? If there is, does it make financial sense to attempt to fix it versus upgrading to a new model? Toilets can crack for a variety of reasons — sometimes there’s not even an obvious cause. The degree to which a cracked toilet is repairable largely depends on where the crack is located and how much time and trouble you’re willing to expend getting it done. [...]

Installing Light Fixtures: When You Need a Pro

Are installing light fixtures a DIY project or something better left to a qualified pro? In certain circumstances, simply replacing an existing fixture with another of the exact same type and wiring is doable yourself if you’re handy and follow basic electrical safety rules. In other cases, however, a trained professional is the better choice for installing light fixtures when certain variables [...]

Preventing Damage to Your Electrical System from Rodents

One of the frequent calls we get for electrical services in Cincinnati is for problems stemming from rodent electrical damage. Rats, mice and squirrels like to munch on electrical wiring routed through attics and inside wall voids. Experiments to formulate wire insulation that was distasteful to rodents have been largely unsuccessful. Therefore, most experts believe it’s not because rodents like [...]

Is it Safe to Snake My Own Drain?

If you need drain clearing and cleaning in Cincinnati, maybe you’re considering doing it yourself, instead. Of course, utilizing caustic drain chemicals is a bad idea; while dissolving a clog, these corrosive substances can also permanently damage household plumbing. The common drain snake is another method of opening a clogged drain. Whether it’s right for you — or whether calling in profes [...]

3 Ways to Avoid Sewer Clogs (And the Messy Aftermath!)

Anything you can do to avoid sewer clogs is easier and more pleasant than cleanup after one happens. Few plumbing problems are more disruptive to normal household life than a blocked sewer. It can also be a major cause of property damage as well as a health issue — raw sewage is a biohazard and professional treatment may be required to decontaminate the premises and restore a safe indoor environ [...]

Proper Attic Ventilation is Essential in the Summer Months

Maintaining proper attic ventilation is a year-round issue, but it’s particularly important during the summer months. Solar energy radiating through your roof accumulates inside an enclosed attic, causing temperatures to soar as high as 150 degrees on an Ohio summer day. The attic often remains excessively hot well into the night, even after the outside air has cooled. This continuous reservoir [...]

Add a Home Dehumidifier to Stay Cool this Summer

One of the ways to help stay cool in a hot Ohio summer is choosing a home dehumidifier. Moist, humid air holds heat energy very efficiently and thus feels warmer. Dry air, on the other hand, doesn’t hold heat well, so the indoor environment feels cooler. That’s probably why the first A/C developed in 1902 by Willis Carrier was called an “air conditioner” — not simply an air cooler. It wa [...]

What is a Pinhole Leak?

How does a tiny pinhole leak turn into a big plumbing problem? Pinholes may leak continuously or dribble intermittently, apparently sealing themselves only to begin leaking again later. What’s most important about pinhole leaks is not what you see, but what you don’t see. Very often, pinhole leaks in a water supply line are external evidence of much more extensive internal deterioration. No le [...]

Common Injuries from DIY Electrical Work

Professionals who provide electrical services in Cincinnati are trained and certified in proper procedures. Safety is a big part of that training. While taking on do-it-yourself household projects like painting or carpentry can save money and increase your skills, the fact is most electrical work doesn’t belong in the DIY category because of the considerable safety risks. Leaving electrical serv [...]

Common Signs of an Electrical System Malfunction

Is your home telling you that you need electrical services in Cincinnati? Electrical components such as wiring, switches and power panels incur wear and tear over time, just like plumbing or any other system in your home. At some point, malfunctions result and require professional electrical services in Cincinnati. Because safety is a crucial issue with electricity, signs that electrical system ma [...]