Boilers: Cincinnati Ohio

When was the last time your boiler was serviced? If it hasn’t been serviced since at least last winter, it’s time to give Apollo a call for a heating system check up. While boilers are a wonderful heating alternative to a forced air system, heat pump or furnace, they do require maintenance to keep them in good working order.Boiler

Many times, boilers work perfectly – until they don’t. One frosty winter morning you wake up to find your house is freezing. That’s why annual maintenance is so important; regular check ups from our top notch heating experts keep major problems – and expenses – at bay.

If you’re interested in having your boiler serviced, or you’d like to explore the options for replacing your current heating system with a boiler unit, call Apollo today. And be sure you call us if you notice these problems:

  • Your boiler is suddenly very loud.
  • It’s not heating well.
  • It won’t turn on – or it won’t turn off.

Apollo looks forward to taking care of your heating needs, serving the Greater Cincinnati area.

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