How to Tell if the Boiler in Your Cincinnati Home Is Having Issues

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  • Fall is just around the corner in Cincinnati and you will soon be using your boiler to heat your home again. It’s useful to go over the various signs of boiler malfunction, so you’ll know what you can fix and when to call for boiler repair in Cincinnati.


    Horizontal view of boiler-house in the building
    Source: istockphoto

    Radiators Not Heating

    A radiator may feel warm at the bottom but cold on the top. The cause could be rust in the pipes, air in the radiator or the pump is not circulating water as it should

    Bleeding the radiator can help with the air blockage: Turn the radiator on till it’s warm, then turn it off. Place a towel under the pressure release valve. Insert a radiator key or screwdriver in the pressure release valve, turning it counterclockwise. When water starts to leak out, quickly turn the valve in the other direction.

    No Hot Water

    The reasons for this can be many, including a broken airlock or diaphragm, failing motorized valve, low water level or a broken thermostat.

    Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

    This is probably a faulty thermocouple, and a job best left to a service tech.

    Noise From the Boiler

    If the boiler is “kettling,” a kind of gurgling sound, there could be trapped air or lime scale buildup. You can try bleeding the radiator and flushing the pipes. If that doesn’t work, call a service tech. Pump failure could also be a cause.

    Faulty Thermostat

    Thermostats don’t last forever, so if you suspect yours isn’t sending the right signals, it’s time for a replacement.

    Drips or Leaks

    This is likely caused by worn-out hoses or parts. Call a service tech.

    Losing Pressure

    Pressurized systems may fail to keep up proper pressure. Water leaks may be the cause, or it might be a faulty pressure relief valve. If your manual tells you how to re-pressurize the system and you feel competent trying it out, then do so. Otherwise, call a professional repair person.

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